Where’s the Fire?

Winnipeg Blue Bombers


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New this year for the bomber (other than the stadium) is the way they come out onto the field before the game.  In past years they would run out from the clubhouse through a big inflatable Bombers helmet, but this year that changed.

Now they all run out through a curtain of smoke from the south field entrance.  This looks way cooler than the big helmet, and makes for much better photos.

I was asked the other day why the newspapers don’t have these shots… basically, while there are a lot of photographers on the sidelines for the game, only a few of us are allowed on the field itself.  Because we are shooting for the Blue Bombers themselves we do get to be on field (pre-game) to get these types of shots.

In this case, Usually I am sitting at the base of the south goal post, using a Canon 300mm f2.8 on a Canon 1D mkIV, but for these shots I was much closer.  For those who haven’t been to a Bomber game live, for the player introductions they have a set of propane fire pots and fireworks setup along both sides of the tunnel leading out on the field, I was laying down next to these pots shooting with a 70-200mm f2.8 zoomed in to 200mm.  It got very hot when the propane flames shot off, but the position made for some very cool photos.

Posted by Douglas Portz on October 6, 2013 in Photography, Sports, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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