Rising Phoenix – Overview

This photo was done as part of a photo session with Samantha Wiebe.  She has been developing a character for the past 6 or so years and this photo shoot was to capture the essence of the character.


Shot in studio the following is the lighting diagrams and setup that were used to shoot this set.

Phoenix Lighting 1 Phoenix Lighting 2

Name                                             x           y           h               Variants

1  Grey Paper Background              2.15      0.20      2.70        Width:2.7m, Length:6.5m, Height:2.7m

2  Octaform Ø 120 cm                    0.68      4.46      1.96        Int & Ext Diff + Honeycomb, 500Ws, f8.1

3  Striplight 30 x 120 cm                 0.50      1.07      1.77        Internal & External Diffusor, 500Ws, f10.0

4  Striplight 30 x 120 cm                 3.74      1.49      1.77        Internal & External Diffusor, 500Ws, f10.0

5  Reflector M Ø 23 cm                  1.68      3.57      2.56        Honeycomb No. 2, 250Ws, f7.2


Camera Settings

I used a Canon 1D Mk IV and 24-70 f2.8 L Lens. – ISO 100, 50mm, f9.0, 1/200sec

For studio work I always shoot in RAW, and use a Color Checker Passport to set White Balance at the start of the shoot.



The RAW photo was initially imported into Lightroom 4, as that is how I manage my photos.  Then transferred to Photoshop CS6 the model was masked from the background and combined with some 16 other images to form the final image.

Final overall level adjustments were done in Lightroom 4

Phoenix Animated GIF

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